Tuesday, August 9, 2011

day one: prep class

Today, 2 of my roommates and I started our first day of freshmen prep class here at NSA. It is optional, and so far very helpful. Some favorite quotes of the day, came when Mr. Appel, my lordship professor, took a moment to say this, "ladies.... look at all the guys in this room. Now forget about them. Assume that every freshmen guy here has NOTHING to offer, until they can prove that they do!" another of my favorite times was when we was openly admitting to stalking us, i mean....... WATCHING us carefully? or when he used an example of Gordon Ramses (yes, i am referring to the famous chef) as a Christ figure in all of his shows. However, despite the comical things that my teachers can say (they all have really amazing senses of humor :D) we did learn alot. After our session with Mr. Appel, we had a lunch break to buy the book we need to have finished reading by this thursday at the beginning of class, and then off to Bucer's i went. What you have to understand is that the college, is smack-dab in the middle of main street, in a cute downtwn area. and Bucer's is the NSA hangout/ coffeeshop right down the street. I will have to put up pictures of that as well, for those of you unfamiliar with it. I had a delicious panini for lunch, and a huge chunk of the freshmen class decided to do the same thing apparently.... the coffee shop got quite crowded.... great minds must think alike? then back to the college for our session with Mr. Griffith, our latin teacher. Mr. Griffith is amazing, hilarious, an one of the major reasons i chose to come to NSA in the first place. Needless to say, our session with him this afternoon made me quite happy. I met several of my classmates that ive met before online, just never in person so that was definitely fun, to put the face with the person. ;) and now here i am back home at patty's place with half a book to read before tomorrow, and even more hopefully, before i leave for dinner tonight with my family. Thus, i must bid you, my avid readers, farewell, and get onto being a responsible college student. for, as Mr. Appel said, "how much you get out of NSA will depend on how much you EXPECT to get!" and i am expecting great things. ;) til next time!!! *pictures still to come!!*

Monday, August 8, 2011

Patty's Place: An Introduction

Greetings! This blog is designed to let you in on the comings and goings of 4 college girls, living on their own.....as a group, In our lovely "Patty's place". Now, i promised an introduction, so here it is: Raygun, Sassafrass, unnickmabable, and notyetnamed, are the 4 of us living here at Patty's place. We are all students at New Saint Andrews College, and we all have the SAME adventure ahead of us: we are all freshmen. Here at Patty's Place, we have no official pets. We just sort of borrow our landlord's cat from time to time. Her name, for the purposes of this blog, is "sweet-shedder". Now, before our indroductions are complete, allow me to enlighten all my comfused readers on how I came by the name "Patty's Place". I do believe that many of you are familiar with the book, "Anne Of Green Gables" (spelled with an "e"!). Well, in the third book of that series, called "Anne of the Island", she and 4 other girls share a home in one of their years at college, and it is called, "Patty's Place". Coincidentally enough, our appartment was rented for us girls by none other than a beloved Patty of our own. and THAT my good friends, is how this name came about. Tomorrow, holds adventures of its own, but for today our adventure was getting unpacked and moved into our lovely home. We were sucessful for the most part, and are more than content with "Patty's Place". *Pictures to come!*